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Independence Begins With Freedom

"Each dollar you own has a purpose. For each purpose you need an investment vehicle to fit your time horizon, containing the appropriate amount of risk to obtain your desired outcome."                    - Dennis W. Grinestaff, Jr.

Objective investment advice exists when provided the opportunity to choose from a wide array of investments and companies. This provides the freedom to tailor an investment plan addressing our client's unique needs. 

Working with LPL Financial, the #1 independent Broker/ Dealer in the country, as reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2017, based on total revenue, we offer no proprietary products, have access to objective research and forward thinking investment solutions.

Personally Tailored Wealth Management

Invest with Purpose

Invest with Purpose

Understand your holdings

Our first step is to educate you on your current holdings, their associated fees and your overall asset allocation. We explain the pros/cons of each account and the underlying investment, identifying inefficiencies and undue risks.

Designate a job for each investment

For each purpose, you need an investment vehicle to fit your unique time horizon, while containing the appropriate amount of risk to obtain your desired outcome.

Knowing our Client

Our investment recommendations always come after our Financial Consulting On-Boarding, which assists in matching each of your goals to each of your investments. 

Because we have taken the time to get to know you, we are able to create an appropriate investment plan, tailored to meet your unique circumstance.

Allocate Properly

Allocate Properly


Dennis and Sharon have been managing money since 1999, and know how each investment reacts in differing market conditions.

There is a complete understanding of the risks and fees associated with each type of investment. Expenses and risks are always measured against the added value an investment provides to the portfolio. 

Due Diligence

We are constantly scrutinizing the ever-changing market landscape and performing due diligence as new investments enter the market. We draw on this knowledge and our experience when vetting investments and companies before making recommendations.


We are licensed to position a vast array of investment vehicles and companies. It is our belief there is a time and a place for most investments and it is our job to understand timing and positioning and to clearly articulate the reasoning behind each recommended position to our clients.

All Investment fees and expenses will be fully disclosed at the time of recommendation, as they vary depending on investment and account type.



Growth Phase

Appropriately directing your excess cash and income will help you manage your wealth efficiently. We aid in identifying the best areas to deploy your monthly savings to meet your agenda.

Distribution Phase

We design a plan and portfolio with the goal to meet your specific income need.

The income may be used for living expenses and/or to fulfill Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).  Our goal is to generate most of the need through income generating vehicles, rather than liquidate holdings to produce cash. 

We seek to maintain a consistent income stream, uncorrelated to market volatility.

Tax efficiency

We aim to reduce the taxability of gains and income on the non-retirement side of your portfolio. In addition, we will inform you of ways to decrease the taxability of your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), as well as which assets may be best transferred to the next generation.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Information Overload

With so many differing opinions, creating media noise, all aimed at selling ad space, it is easy to get caught up in headline news and the fear or greed sold with it.

We are your investment coach

Our job is to keep you focused on the long-term, make adjustments aimed at increasing performance, hold you accountable to your goals, inspire and empower you to pursue financial freedom.

Investing is a lifelong process

We make sure you are properly invested and taking advantage of investment opportunities that reflect your current life stage and current market trends.

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it's leadership.

There will be market highs and lows and volatility in every asset class. We are here to provide perspective, keep you calm and point out potential opportunities. We remind you to expect market volatility and to give reassurance that your portfolio is designed in a way that market declines do not affect your daily life. 

We encourage clients to always reach out when feeling nervous.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Access to a vast array of investment solutions and companies provides us the ability to design a portfolio to meet our client's unique needs and risk tolerance.

We are licensed and versed in the following investment types:

  • Fee Based Managed Money Strategies
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs
  • Closed End Funds
  • Interval Funds
  • Inflation Linked Investments
  • Tax free and Tax Efficient Investments
  • Structured Notes
  • Covered Call Strategies
  • FDIC Insured Brokered/Index CDs
  • Business Development Companies
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Index Annuities
  • Immediate Income Annuities
  • Privately held Real Estate Investment Trusts