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Staying informed about your financial health is an essential habit to

Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise® and aids in continuously applying

The EPPIC Method® of Evaluate, Plan, Protect, Invest and Coach.

Jesica Greene

Jesica Greene

Technology Liaison 

Jesica continues our concierge level of service by introducing you to our technology suite of tools. 

Whether you are a new client or have been with us since 1998, during your technology on boarding call, Jesica will assist you with:

  • Logging in
  • Navigating the software
  • Trouble shooting
  • Knowing how to easily access our technology in the future from your computer, tablet or phone

When scheduling a technology conference call, please:

  • Set aside 30 minutes.
  • Make sure to be in front of your computer or tablet.
  • You many need to have your user ID's and passwords handy if you will be integrating your checking and savings accounts, employer retirement plans, college savings plans, mortgages, loans etc. into our financial planning software.
    • This may not apply for everyone.
  • Sit back, relax and have an EPPIC® on-boarding experience!