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Sarah Dickey

Sarah Dickey

Director of Operations and Client Communications

Specializing in editing and delivering our written, audio and video communication and education, Sarah brings to life the ongoing COACHing aspect of The EPPIC Method®. 

She sends client wide email messages and publishes our newsletter, articles, social media posts, podcasts and financial boot camps.

Harnessing technology to be more efficient, she recently created our Virtual Calendar, enabling you to instantly schedule a call or appointment.  Sarah is consistently updating our website to provide you with the tools you need to Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise®.

Sarah orchestrates the welcoming of our new clients and leads the coordination and scheduling of your annual reviews.

"With technology rapidly changing, we are continuously upgrading our software to improve the client experience. I am happy to be a resource to our clients in helping them adopt and apply these tools to make their financial life easier." - Sarah Dickey

Sarah dedicates her personal time to her family and friends. She enjoys fishing with her husband, participating in running competitions, creating fitness challenge groups and is a Baltimore sports fan!