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Welcome to our Suite of Digital Organization Tools!

Access to WealthVision is included with our Financial Consulting Service.

Begin to see your Wealth with 20/20 Vision!

Begin to see your Wealth with 20/20 Vision!

"Your ability to make smart financial decisions begins with knowing what you own and owe. In order to be successful you need to ensure your financial life is as organized and efficient as possible." - Sharon Grinestaff

"We embraced account aggregation software early on, realizing it made a significant improvement in our ability to help clients make timely decisions."                                                                 - Dennis Grinestaff

"We have carefully selected technology to improve your financial situation and work with you to maximize your use of our systems."   - Sarah Dickey

The Power of Knowing!

WealthVision is a powerful engine that helps to increase our effectiveness as your Financial Consultants by conducting more accurate analysis. Coupling technology with our planning process allows for:

  • Seeing your finances from a holistic point of view. Segmenting your assets offers you a different perspective of your net-worth.
  • Identifying long-term goals and the steps needed for implementation. 
  • Creating integrated strategies that take all your financial activities into account.
  • Tracking your progress and making adjustments as life unfolds.
  • Providing ongoing, timely recommendations and analysis as tax laws and market conditions change.
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Get Organized!

As your wealth grows, life doesn't get simpler, it gets more complex, making organization even more important.

WealthVision is your Personal Financial Website serving as a secure, up-to-date window into your entire financial world.

You will have access to budget tools, reports, educational materials and a secure vault where documents are organized.

Security is a top priority. 

  • This is a non-transactional system, money cannot be transferred or withdrawn.
  • Your information will never be shared with a 3rd party.
  • Advanced 256 Bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption.
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