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Our Team Members keep you focused on the steps and tasks necessary to lead an EPPIC® Life!

<em><b>Step 1</b></em>

Step 1

Schedule your Discovery Call with Dennis Grinestaff, Co-Founder and Director of Wealth Management

  • Review The EPPIC Method® and how our process helps to put you on the fast track to gaining confidence about your financial future and reaching your goals.
  • Identify the questions and concerns you have about your financial life.
Schedule Your Discovery Call
<em><b>Step 2</b></em>

Step 2

Prepare for your Introduction Call

<em><b>Step 3</b></em>

Step 3

Schedule your Program Introduction Screen Share Virtual Call with Sharon Grinestaff, Co-Founder and Director of Financial Planning

  • EVALUATE your financial health to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Explain the Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise® Program and the initial and ongoing EPPIC® monetary commitment. 
  • Help you begin to PLAN by discussing your financial goals and dreams.
Schedule Your Program Introduction Call
<em><strong>&#160;Step 4</strong></em>

 Step 4

Schedule your Technology Integration Call with Sarah Dickey, our Director of Operations and Client Communications

  • Online Profile Creation and Log-In
  • Virtual tour of our digital suite of tools

Schedule Your Technology Integration Call
<em><strong>&#160;Step 5</strong></em>

 Step 5

Introduction Call with your EPPIC® Client Concierge, Heather Collins

  • Coaches you through each step.
  • Holds you and the team accountable for outstanding tasks needed to complete your EPPIC® financial plan. 

Schedule Your Client Concierge Call