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Protecting Your Assets

"Without insurance, an unforeseen event could jeopardize all of your planning. Just as when the foundation of a house crumbles, the rest comes quickly crashing down." - Dennis Grinestaff

By analyzing your situation, we are able to help determine what types and amounts of Life, Disability and Long-Term Care insurance are most suitable to help protect you and your family.

We examine your current employer or individual coverage and cost efficiency to verify you are properly insured at the best price.  

Often we find we are able to save our clients money and have them properly insured for a longer time at a lower long term cost.  

Our relationships with the top insurance companies in the marketplace, allows us to find the best underwriting and pricing for each client.

Make me a Hero to my family!

Your most valuable asset is your ability to work.  

Take your current annual income and multiply that by how many working years you have until retirement.  

$150k income X 25 years to retirement = $3,750,000 plus inflation!

Employer Disability plans typically only pay out 66% of your income and are usually capped to $10,000/mo. Making higher income earners under insured.

The inability to work can have a significant impact on you and your family's well-being.  Make sure you are properly covered, as not to add insult to injury.

Review the coverage on your greatest asset today!

You don't buy life insurance because you are going to die, you buy it because the ones you love are going to continue to live.

If someone will suffer financially, if you are no longer here, it is your responsibility to make sure they are taken care of.  

Protect my loved ones today!

As you age, your insurance needs change.

The need for life insurance declines as debts decrease and wealth increases.  At the same time, the risk begins to rise for the need for long-term care.

We first review your current life insurance to explore the possibility of being able to reposition it to include long-term care insurance.  If not, we explore traditional policies, purchasing a life and long-term care hybrid policy, and designating an asset to provide for care.

Wouldn't it be a shame to see your hard earned wealth go to a nursing facility, leaving your spouse destitute and your heirs with no inheritance? 

Don't let my money go to a nursing home!