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Take your identity off the grid!

You can no longer prevent the theft of your identity.

The Identity Theft Resource Center recognized 2015 as the “Year of the Social Security Number Breach”. There were 164.4 Million records released involving individual’s Social Security numbers. The 2017 Equifax breach released even more detailed information on 145.5 Million people.

With countless breaches and many more to come, you must now assume your personal identifiable information is permanently in cyberspace and available to the world's criminals.

Credit Monitoring programs do not prevent fraud, they only alert you when someone begins to use your information.

Your best defense is to use a preventative tool called a "Credit Freeze" to block access to your credit report. Without an open door to your score, thieves are unable to create new liability accounts in your name.

My personal experience motivated me to share this important information.

I am always researching new technology and Apps to assist in organizing and gaining control of every aspect of one's financial life. In 2013 I discovered an App called Credit Karma, which allows free access to your TransUnion and Equifax credit scores and reports. Credit Monitoring is another free service they provided, which alerted me in 2015 that someone was using my information and had opened 2 cell phone accounts. 

There was no personal monetary loss, as I was not responsible for the 2 iPhones and fraudulent cell phone accounts. 

But what was stolen was even more valuable, time away from my family. There was also a feeling of violation and 20+ stressful hours of phone calls, writing letters, completing forms, filing a police report and researching what steps I need to take next. 

I quickly learned the only way to stop the crooks from continuing to use my information, was to place a “Credit Freeze” at each of the four (yes there are 4!) credit bureaus. (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian and Innovis).

After extensive research on this topic, I realized if I had known about the ability to “Freeze my Credit” and had taken this action as a preventative measure, the theft would not have been able to occur!  

I uncovered a few steps you need to take prior to freezing your credit. There are also several other actions I recommend you take to proactively protect yourself from other types of fraud that can occur when your Personal Identifiable Information has been released.

After gaining this knowledge, I began telling my clients, family and friends about the ability to proactively “Freeze their Credit”. Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward process. My passion to simplify and spread this valuable knowledge to as many people as possible led to the creation of this website content.  We also provide online and in-person workshops if you need personal help.

The Cost of Fraud is Always Passed on to the Consumer

Fraud increases the price of goods and services and has a negative effect on salary increases and wage growth. Most of these petty crimes are never investigated, but the impact is exponential.

The simple, clever action of freezing your credit helps you do your part in the fight against Account Opening Fraud.  

The ability to “Lock Access to Your Credit Report” by “Freezing your Credit” is not currently common knowledge. My mission is to change this!  Please share this information with your loved ones!!