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Step 1 of The EPPIC Method®: 


Before you can make an informed decision, you must first INVEST time to EVALUATE.

Financial Wellness Assessment

With this information you can easily develop a "next step" action plan,

putting you on the fast track towards achieving your financial dreams. 

Do you ever wonder "How am I doing Financially?"

If you are like most people, you have no way to test your financial strengths and weaknesses. 

This is why we created our Financial Wellness Assessment, a quick and easy way to understand your financial health.

This tool helps you EVALUATE your financial health and identify the areas you need to focus on to Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise®.

Taking our Financial Health Assessment will put you one step closer to making your financial future EPPIC®!


Make sure you are prepared for the next market downturn. 

Take our 2 minute assessment to determine if your investments match your financial goals and unique comfort level for investment losses.

When the economy is good and the market is performing well is the exact time you need to EVALUATE your goals and investments.  Because if your portfolio is not invested according to your risk level and goals, you may make impulsive decisions during market downturns.

"During recessions your emotions have a way of affecting your investments that are contrary to your goals.  The greatest value we provide to our clients is coaching them through volatile markets by offering perspective and helping them continue to focus on their goals ." - Dennis Grinestaff

Here is our EPPIC® 4 step process for evaluating your risk level:

  1. Determine your unique Risk Number
  2. Determine your portfolio’s Risk Number
  3. Assign a risk number to the goal of each investment
  4. Explore options to align your investments with your goals

Estate Planning Assessment

It's hard enough to make and save your money, but even harder to PROTECT it!

The second “P” of The EPPIC Method® stands for PROTECT. More specifically, Protecting your Estate by preparing you and your family for the transition of financial resposibilities and wealth.

Completing this assessment allows us to help you develop an Estate Protection Action Plan, giving you confidence that your affairs are in order.