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Wealth Wise Wednesday: Give the Gift of Money

| December 12, 2018

Are you having a hard time trying to think of a gift to buy for your children or grandchildren? 

This time of year brings a lot of stress and anxiety around finding the perfect gift.

One stress-free gift idea is to give the gift of MONEY!

Money always fits and everyone loves it!

Don’t give cash that will be spent, make your monetary gift by check with instructions on where it should be deposited.  Use this opportunity to teach the value of saving, rather than spending.

Toys break in days, but money lessons last forever!  For a young child or grandchild, you can instruct them to deposit the check into their savings account, or that you will help them open an investment account to purchase stock.  If they are 12 and under, you can make a contribution to their 529 college savings fund or you can open one for them. 

Giving the gift of financial security reduces stress and improves mental health.  Because today’s monthly bills are so demanding, it is difficult for families to focus on financial goals.  Monetary gifts can help your loved ones pay down debt or build an emergency fund.  A gift that keeps on giving is to invest in their future by earmarking it to be deposited into a Traditional or Roth IRA.

If you want to give your children and grandchildren an EPPIC™ Future, don’t be afraid to give the gift of money. 

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Even our 6-year-old Vivi, thinks money from Santa is appropriate…and apparently, cookies are too!

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