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Wealth Wise Wednesday: Double Your Money

| December 05, 2018

When you hear the word SAVE, do you think of holiday sales, Black Friday discounts and Cyber Monday deals?

If you are like most people, saving involves getting a discount on the money you are spending.

Next time you hear the word save or are about to make an impulse buy, think of Reed’s Will Roger’s joke “What is the quickest way to double your money? Double it over and put it in your pocket” and think twice before you spend.

Retrain your brain to start associating the word save with depositing money in a financial pocket such as your emergency fund or retirement savings.  

Your wealth is not determined by how much you make, it’s your saving and spending habits, and not spending more than you make.  

Our December Coaching series will help you have a healthier wealth mindset by focusing on the true meaning of the season.  

Because when you do, you will minimize impulse buying and reduce January credit card bills, making you less stressed as you enter the new year.  

We want you to have an EPPIC™ Holiday season and kick off 2019 with less stress!

Apply The EPPIC Method™ to make sure you don’t overspend this holiday season.  EVALUATE those on your shopping list. PLAN how much you can spend. PROTECT your spending plan by not deviating from your list. Remind yourself the holiday season is about INVESTing time with your loved ones, not spending money.  We will continue to COACH you throughout the month to build a stronger and healthier wealth mindset.

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