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National Higher Education Day 2019

| June 06, 2019

Graduation is such an exciting time! It’s the beginning of a new journey!

Most graduates leave campus with inspired minds and the motivation to accomplish their goals and life’s mission.

Higher education leads to higher earning, a better quality of life and contributes significantly to personal and financial success - something we all want for our children and grandchildren.

However, increased costs of higher education has turned a college degree into a financial and emotional burden. With rising costs and increased financial obligations, families have become overwhelmed.

Whether you are beginning to save for a young child or have one ready to enter college this fall with a little PLANNING we can help!

You must EVALUATE which type of account is best for your situation.

A 529 Savings Plan? An Education IRA? A Custodial Account? Or perhaps none at all.

We will assist in helping you select an INVESTMENT that will address your tuition goals and time horizon.

Clients and future clients, schedule your coaching call today to apply the 5 steps of The EPPIC Method® to give your child or grandchild an EPPIC® education.

Click here to schedule your coaching call today!

And congratulations to all the 2019 Graduates!! 

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