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Fraud Prevention Friday: Social Security Administration

| April 27, 2018

Fraud Prevention Friday Actionable Advice: Open an account with Social Security Administration at

Did you know April is National Social Security Month? Fitting in perfectly with this week’s Fraud Prevention Friday Tip.

To bring yourself up to speed with your Social Security Benefits, you must open an account with to:

  • Review your annual Social Security Statement (they are no longer mailed annually)
  • Help you identify Employment Fraud occurring with your Social Security Number
  • Protect you from Social Security Fraud, where a thief collects your benefits if you are 62 or older has some other great online services, including:

  • Estimate future benefits
  • Begin the process to collect your retirement benefits
  • Update bank direct deposit information once you are collecting
  • Apply for Medicare benefits

Start planning for your retirement today!  Once you have your up-to-date annual social security statement, contact us to conduct your retirement analysis.  Whether you are 5 or 30 years away from retirement, you must focus now and we can help!

Please reach out with any questions. Our goal is to share ways for you to be Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. 


Please Note:  If your credit has been frozen, you will need to unfreeze your credit to apply for the online account.  Recently we have discovered it is now FREE to freeze and unfreeze your credit.  This process is instantaneous.

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