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Financial Friday: The Gift of Time

| December 15, 2018

The most valuable gift in the world is not one that can be bought in a store.  It is the gift of your time, creating memories with those you love.

Think outside the gift box and give the gift of your time!

Here are two ways to be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

Get creative and make a coupon book! The internet is full of ideas to hand write on note cards. Or take the easy route and find pre-made printable ones. Just google “coupon booklets for…Wife, Mom, Friends, Kids”. Coupon books are a great idea for kids to make for adults too!

Another way to give your time is to plan a “date day” and create a special experience. Place pictures of where you will go and what you will do in a box and wrap it up. Spending money is not a requirement. It could be a hike, roller skating, movies or learning something new.

Create an EPPIC™ Experience with your loved ones.  EVALUATE their favorite things. PLAN the day with a focus on time together.   

Spending time with your loved one’s PROTECTs your relationship.

INVESTing time with your family and friends will give you a better return than any other investment you will make.  

You and your family and friends COACH each other through different life’s challenges.  Creating bonding experiences helps to build strong relationships to be there in each other’s time of need.

Time spent with family and friends is worth every EPPIC™ second!

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