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Financial Friday: Retirement vs. Vacation

| June 21, 2019

Ahhh the beach.  You’re finally here.  Now you can sit back, relax with your toes in the sand and dream of your EPPIC® permanent vacation…Retirement!

You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned the time off, but is your desire to get away hurting your future self?  A recent study shows Americans are more concerned with taking vacations than they are with saving adequately for the future.

According to a 2016 study by Travelex, the typical American spends roughly $2,000 per year on vacation.  If you were to match your vacation spending and INVEST the same $2,000 to your retirement plan over 35 years and earned an average return of 7%, you would have a $276,000 nest egg!

And you can’t count on Social Security! Currently, the average retiree receives just $1,360 per month, that’s $16,320 a year.  If Congress continues to do nothing, by 2034 Social Security will only be able to pay out 79% of the promised benefit.

Don’t fall victim to only planning for “what is fun now” rather than “what is fun for your future”.

You must INVEST time to PLAN for an enjoyable retirement.  It takes a Healthy Wealth Mindset and a little coaching to live for today while planning for tomorrow. 

Applying The EPPIC Method® provides you with the steps and motivation necessary to pursue your financial goals.

Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise™ and INVEST at least the same amount of time and money you do in planning your next vacation on your financial future. 

Clients and future clients, schedule your Retirement Planning call today to make sure you are prepared for your EPPIC® permanent vacation.

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