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Financial Friday: Investors Will Invest, Traders will Trade

| October 30, 2018

Do you know the most effective way to pursue each of your goals?

Having someone to show you the path, how to navigate the twists and turns and encouraging you along the way! 

The key ingredient in The EPPIC Method™ is the “C” which stands for COACHING.  We coach you to have perspective, to keep you focused on your goals, and to block out the noise.   

October was a volatile month and more than likely it will continue.   

We are grateful to have LPL’s Research team as our economic coaches, providing outlooks and historical perspectives.   

LPL’s Chief Strategist John Lynch, Equity Strategist Jeffrey Buchbinder, and Senior Market Strategist Ryan Detrick, along with the Research Team, provide weekly market insights with economic data-based viewpoints. Click here to read this week’s commentary.

Schedule a coaching call if you need to review your portfolio and goals during this volatile market time.

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