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Financial Friday: 2019 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

| June 14, 2019

Are you aware as many as 1 in 10 older Americans are abused, manipulated, or neglected each year? 
As you age, you are more vulnerable and are an increased target for fraud. With the constant bombardment of phony phone calls, mail, and email scams it is easy to become a victim.  
The opioid epidemic is also increasing the risk of the elderly being abused by family members, neighbors, and caregivers.   
One of the most important aspects of our job is to PROTECT your wealth especially when you are the most vulnerable.   
Your security is our top priority! We offer preventative advice, are an additional layer of protection, and are here to help if you are in trouble.  
Take these steps to PROTECT yourself and the elderly in your family:  

  • Select a Financial Power of Attorney to protect your assets and to ensure your wishes are followed. 
  • Freeze Your Credit.  We have streamlined this process, making it easy for you or your POA to submit the documentation needed to lock the door to your credit.   Click here to learn how to place a credit freeze.  
  • Never give out your personal information, including social security number, over the phone unless you initiated the call with a trusted person. 
  • Never trust caller ID.  Always validate a person’s organization by calling them back through an official phone number. 
  • Review your account activity regularly and report suspicious activity. Look for: large withdrawals, ATM debits, and/or suspicious signatures on checks 
  • Protect your devices by installing anti-virus software and keeping your operating systems, applications and web browser up to date on your mobile phones, tablets, and computers. 
  • Create strong, unique passwords for online accounts – and use additional security features when available.  

Fraudsters are always using new tactics.  Be on the lookout for these red flags:  

  • Pressured to send money 
  • Threatened with law enforcement action 
  • Told to purchase gift cards and provide codes as a form of payment 
  • Asked to cash a check for a stranger 
  • Instructed to make a cash-deposit for sweepstakes 
  • Offered more than you are asking for something and then requested to send the overpayment elsewhere 

Clients and future clients, schedule a coaching call to apply The EPPIC Method® to PROTECT you and your family from #ElderAbuse. 

Click here to schedule your coaching call today!