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Celebrate Your Financial Independence

| July 04, 2019

Today we celebrate the 243rd Anniversary of our country’s independence.
Why not make this the year you declare your own independence...Your Financial Independence!
Applying The EPPIC Method® helps you develop and execute a plan so you can start celebrating your own personal 4th of July!
First, you must ask “What does financial independence mean to me?” Maybe it means being able to retire when you want, being debt free, or simply the ability to live the life you desire without money being the primary focus of your decision.
If you share in these same financial goals, follow our 5 steps to put you on the fast track towards achieving Financial Independence:
  1. EVALUATE your current financial situation. Start by knowing what you own and owe.
  2. PLAN your cash flow to be efficient with every dollar you own and owe.
  3. PROTECT your financial life. Avoid becoming a victim to identity theft by freezing your credit at all 4 credit bureaus.
  4. INVEST in your future by learning the Pay Yourself First method.
  5. You need a COACH to show you the road, guide you through life’s obstacles and hold you accountable to your plans and goals.
When you reach your own “Financial Independence Day”, every day feels like a fireworks display, adding more sparkle to your life.
Clients and future clients, schedule your coaching call today to apply The EPPIC Method® to start celebrating your own independence by creating an EPPIC® financial future!
Happy Birthday America! Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday filled with friends and family!