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1st Quarter 2019

EPPIC™ Health and Wealth does not happen by chance.

It is due to a series of good habits built over time. 

One essential habit is to frequently INVEST time in reviewing your financial life and goals.

Our annual review appointment does just that.  We help you focus on you!

During our annual review we will:

  • Review any changes in your life since our last meeting.
  • Present our newly designed performance report, allowing you to more easily understand the performance and purpose of each of your investments.
  • Confirm that your investment portfolio matches your goals and objectives.
  • Address your questions or concerns.

In preparation for your appointment:

  • You will receive an email from Dennis for you to:
    • Schedule a Pre-Appointment call with Jesica Woody, our Director of Operations and Technology Liaison. 
    • Take our quick Financial Wellness Assessment
    • Introduce you to Riskalyze, a short questionnaire, that assists us in comparing your portfolio to your risk level and objectives.

We have received positive feedback about our new Virtual Meeting capabilities and how efficient and informative they have been.  If you are unable to meet face to face, we have the ability to schedule a Virtual Meeting instead.

If you have not yet had your annual review appointment this year, please use our virtual calendar to schedule your In Person or Virtual Meeting.

Insure Your Love Campaign

Step 3 of The EPPIC™ Method: PROTECT

Step 3 of The EPPIC™ Method: PROTECT

Life is not all fairy tales and happy endings.

The foundation of every financial plan is securing your family's financial well being.  Having the proper types and amounts of insurance coverage can make you a hero when tragedy strikes.  

Working with high quality Life, Disability and Long-Term Care providers, allows us to find optimal underwriting and pricing for each client. 


How financially fit are you and your significant other?


If you are like most people you have no idea how to measure your financial strengths and weaknesses.

And, if you are like most couples, you have a difficult time knowing how to talk about money. (especially without starting a fight! )

Communication is key to a healthy marriage. Our Financial Wellness Assessment is a valuable tool for couples to use to spark healthy financial conversations.

It only takes a few minutes for you each to independently take our quiz. Then review each question together, compare your answers, and ask each other the reasons why you answered the way you did.

Money issues are the cause of many breakups. If you value your relationship create the essential habit of taking time each Valentine’s Day to discuss your financial life and the actions you are going to take this year to secure your family’s financial future.

Click here to determine your Financial Wellness.

You LOVE your FAMILY more than anything and will go to the end of the earth to protect them. 

But who will protect them if you are no longer here? 

You can only continue to be their protector by planning to PROTECT your loved ones. 

Investing the time to secure your families future means more than flowers, chocolates, jewelry and romantic dinners.

Continue to be your family’s superhero by creating your family’s protection strategy.

Life Insurance should be called LOVE Insurance.

You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.

The foundation of your Financial House is securing your family’s financial well-being. This is why the second P in The EPPIC Method™ stands for PROTECT.

Deciding on the amount and type of life insurance can be confusing. By Investing a short amount of time, we can help you apply The EPPIC Method™ to easily and confidently make this important informed decision for your family.

Schedule Your Protection Strategy Session Today!


7 Reasons why you need to apply The EPPIC Method™ to make sure you have the proper LOVE insurance coverage for your family

1️⃣ To reduce financial stress on your family while they are dealing with an emotional situation. 

2️⃣ To create a stable environment so your children do not have to make drastic changes in the lifestyle you have established for them. 

3️⃣ To make sure your family can gain access to medical and mental health care professionals to guide them through a difficult time. 

4️⃣ To reduce your family’s monthly living expenses by paying off debts. 

5️⃣ To assist in providing care for your children. 

6️⃣ To ensure your children have a bright future by covering education costs.

7️⃣ And so your family’s first decision without you is not figuring out how to pay for your day of remembrance.

Monthly Market Update

Market Signals Podcast by LPL Financial

Market Signals Podcast by LPL Financial

LPL Financial Research Chief Investment Strategist, John Lynch, and Senior Market Strategist, Ryan Detrick, discuss current market trends and look ahead, sharing insightful projections on a weekly basis.

catch up on last month's podcasts.
LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary

LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary

With about one-fifth of third quarter earnings results in, the numbers have been solid thus far despite tariffs and increasing wage pressures.

Read LPL's Weekly Market Commentary

Tax Preparation

Tax time is the right time to INVEST in your future.

It’s an opportunity to take one step closer to your retirement goals while gaining an immediate tax deduction.

Each tax season make sure to take the time to ask your accountant how much money could go back into your wallet by making a retirement contribution.

Time is ticking.

Click here to download our Retirement Contribution Worksheet to start an informed conversation with your accountant today.

*This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

Without Your Health, Your Wealth Means Nothing

Improve your health by creating essential habits

Instead of focusing on trying to break bad habits...

Channel your New Year, New You energy to add good habits to your daily routine.

Creating good habits will simultaneously reduce bad habits without draining you of the energy it takes to restrict yourself, helping you reach your ongoing life goal to Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise™!

If you want EPPIC™ Health you must INVEST a little time to PLAN to create this essential habit every morning.

Go Red for Women

❤️ Your heart is important to those that depend on you.

❤️ Did you know 1 in 4 women die from heart disease?

❤️ Knowing the symptoms and risks while proactively protecting yourself with a healthy diet and staying active is essential to Be More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise™!

❤️ Make sure to take care of your heart so you don’t break the heart of those you love.

Are you hoping to improve your health and wealth in 2019?

Then throw out the New Years Resolutions and start applying The EPPIC Method to create the essential habits needed to be healthy and wealthy.

It is small daily shifts in your habits that add up exponentially over time.

This year we will be sharing our secrets to help you increase your rate of success so you can live your best life.

Because when you feel good and have money in the bank you can reach your peak performance!

Make 2019 an EPPIC™ life changing year! Following our system will help you create the healthy wealth and health mindset needed to gain medical and financial independence!

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