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Shariden Consulting & Wealth Management, LLC

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Our Consulting Process

We CAN Make Sense Of Your Filing Cabinet



During our free initial consultation, we take a detailed inventory of your current financial health. Information is gathered on assets and liabilities, employee benefits, social security and pension statements, income tax returns, estate planning documents, life, disability and long-term care insurance policies, etc. Your cash flow needs, goals, concerns and preferences are discussed. After the areas in which you will benefit from our consulting service are identified and the amount of time and analysis needed is determined, a fee will be quoted.

Once retained as your Financial Consultants, our next step is to organize and analyze your situation. We determine if your assets match your goals, identifying any inefficiencies, areas of concern or improvement.

A detailed outline of your current situation and objectives are provided and verified. Next, we take the time necessary to educate you on the various suitable financial tools available that may improve your situation. We pride ourselves on giving you the pros and cons of each option so that you can make the most informed and intelligent decisions for you and your family.

Next, an action plan and timeline is created based on your priorities. At this time, we begin the process of integrating and familiarizing you with our client interactive technology, WealthVision.

Additional meetings and/or conference calls will be conducted as needed in accordance with your personal action plan until all items are completed to your satisfaction.

Ongoing monitoring, and at a minimum, annual analysis and reviews will be performed.

Our annual fee includes a complete analysis. If only one or two modules are needed, an hourly consultation agreement may be utilized.