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Insurance Analysis

The foundation of every financial plan
is securing your family's financial well-being.

By properly analyzing your situation, we are able to determine what types and amounts of Life, Disability and Long-Term Care insurance are needed.

Our ability to work with the top insurance companies in the market place, allows us to find the best underwriting and pricing for each client.

During your working years... Are you curious to know...

  • What is the right type and amount of Life Insurance to protect my family... Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, or should I purchase it through work?
  • Do I have the correct type and sufficient amount of disability insurance to protect my income? Do I need to purchase additional coverage outside of what my employer provides for me?

Approaching Retirement or in Retirement... Are you wondering...

  • Now that my children are grown, do I still have a need for life insurance?
  • I have a cash value policy, should I cash it in?
  • I own a Universal Life or Variable Universal Life Policy... is it at risk of lapsing or terminating without my knowledge?
  • Should I purchase Long-Term Care Insurance? What are the costs, I hear it is expensive?