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Estate Planning

The purpose of Estate Planning is to ensure your loved ones are adequately covered and that your legacy is carried out according to your desires.

Estate planning is complicated and there is so much more to consider than just having a Will. Most people don't realize account beneficiary designations often trump all other legal documents. Our Estate Planning Analysis will not only conduct a review of your account beneficiaries to ensure they are up-to-date and aligned with your goals, but we will also work with an Estate Planning Attorney of your choice to assist with making sure you have the appropriate documents for your current situation and current tax laws. In addition, we will help keep your estate plan up to date as life events occur and tax laws change.

Common questions we will address in our analysis:

Do I have the correct/up to date documents to...

  • Ensure my estate will go to the individuals I wish?
  • Ensure security for my minor and/or special needs children?
  • Help avoid or reduce the Federal and State Estate Tax liability?
  • Help avoid or reduce the probate process?
  • Ensure my affairs are taken care of during my lifetime if I am unable to do so?
  • Ensure my medical wishes are honored during my lifetime?

Have you ever wondered...

  • Should I consider creating a trust? If so, what type of trust is best for my situation?
  • We have a blended family. How do I make sure my spouse is taken care of, while ensuring my children will receive my assets?
  • How do I begin to transfer assets in the most efficient manner to my heirs during my lifetime, without risking my own financial security? 

Contact us today to ensure your wishes are met and to prevent your loved ones from bearing added stress during a difficult time.