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Child/Grandchild Education Savings

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because
someone planted a tree a long time ago."
- Warren Buffett


There is no question that helping to give a child a college education is a significant gift. Studies show that a higher education leads to higher earnings, a better quality of life and contributes significantly to personal and financial success — something we all want for our children and grandchildren. But paying for college can feel overwhelming to many students and their families.

With a little planning together we can:

  • Put you on track to save enough for one or more college educations.
  • Evaluate the different savings plans and their tax benefits to determine which is best for your needs.
  • Research and select investments that will address your tuition goals and time horizon. 

Your Child/Grandchild's Education is in your hands. 
CONTACT US today to begin planning for their bright future.